February 12, 2010

helmet woes

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Riding home on the train one day, my mighty observational powers noted something about my Giro Indicator helmet. There was a chunk missing out of it.

My helmet.

Close up. Really close!

I’m assuming it happened during my Grasshopper Adventure crash (the one I haven’t yet blogged about). Or, I could have subconsciously taken a bite out of it on a hunger strike. I does not know. Either way, I need a new helmet. Soon!

Here are a few that I am considering:

Giro Atmos with pop art scheme: Hot or not? From the front, the helmet is completely matte black and the pop art design and colors are not visible. From the back, you see- well, lots of colors. This might be a little over the top for me, but at least it would be easy to pick me out in a sea of helmets! (from the back). The fit feels good, but the large number of vents means that I need to start a cycling cap collection.

Giro Atmos with sepia orange/blue: This is the same helmet as above, with a slightly different color scheme. The colors are more muted, but I’m not sure I love it from the back.

Rudy Sterling – Black/Fluo matte: Lately, I’ve really been liking lime green- on cars, on helmets, on anything. This helmet in general just looks awesome, but I have not tried it on yet. I also do get a discount on Rudy gear, but unfortunately they are out of stock until the end of the month.

My helmet choice is based mostly on appearance, but I did try on a few helmets: Ionos, Atmos, Sweep R, Volt. In general, they felt more form-fitting than my Giro Indicator, which is a one size does not fit all helmet. There are some Giro’s on sale now, but if I can wait a few weeks, I may hold out for the Rudy.


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  1. The helmet you got is super-good. And it fits me!

    Comment by Slonie — February 26, 2010 @ 4:03 PM

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