January 28, 2010

s works can too

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It seems like weeks since we have had a dry weekday. Today there was going to be a break in the rain, so I decided to ditch work early on Wednesday to squeeze in a short post work ride with Slonie. The night before, we hashed out the details.

me: so, what kind of ride tomorrow and when and where
Lee: Road, wherever, whenever
me: cross?
Lee: Well I’ll have my road bike on me

Meh! I wanted to do a cross ride, but I guess I’ll just ride the S-Works. We met up at Bayshore x San Antonio and started wandering around paved sections of Shoreline baylands. We end up heading back toward Moffett Field, a bit too early in the ride. We loop back out to Palo Alto,  and make a turn to the south. I follow Slonie, down a path and toward what appears to be a dead end. Doesn’t the road end up ahead? I don’t get response because we hit the dirt and Slonie takes off! Wait, where are we going!? I brought my road bike, I didn’t sign up for this!

If feels sketchy enough for me offroad on a cross bike, so being on a road bike did not help to boost confidence. It was mostly flat, and mostly dry, but there were spots of muddiness and lots of rain puddles. As we start climbing a dry gravel path up the hill, I was thinking this isn’t so bad. Then Slonie points to the top of the hill. Pedal pedal pedal pedal. Unclip. Pickup bike. Walk up hill. I guess we got ourselves a cross ride after all! These little hills certainly do make a for a nice CX training course and its only 10minutes from my work! I think I just found my lunch ride. Riding the Sworks offroad was not as bad as I thought it would be, but I do have the cross bike so I should use it! Now I just need to clean the mud off all the bike, which I JUST cleaned this weekend. I never clean my bikes.

All pictures and route are from Slonie’s S90/Garmin

PS: Next morning, shortly after running out the door I realized I had a rear flat. I have never had a flat on the gatorskits and yes they were still a bitch to get off/on. Maybe S works can’t after all.


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