February 21, 2010

02.15.10 are we wallpaper or are we dancers

We went to Union Square. Saw BIG hearts. This one was red-for Valentine’s Day?

This one was blue, and had a handy map, just in case you got lost! YOU ARE HERE.

The other side had a less helpful view. It’s good for seeing how tall your building is?

The back of the red one was more or less the same, but now it looks like cleavage, or a butt.

Britex had a sale. So we went there and spent a lot. Well not me, but someone did! Here we are looking for thread to match the fabric.

Then I looked at trims, with zero intent to purchase.

Passing by Chanel, we saw these “boots”. I think I heard a gasp.

But I like it better like this.

We were hangree. Frjtz has yummi fries. 1+1=2.

Mussels beat the burger.

They danced on the wall while we ate.

The end!


January 28, 2010

the miata i didn’t buy

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I drove around with Jeffrey after dinner scoping out spots to shoot. Some spots had potential, but we ended up in the ubiquitous parking lot complex. We experimented a bit with only two 580EX and this is the result.  The lighting pretty much sucks, but its my first real attempt at lighting a car. A dirty black car. I touched it up a little in PS, but I couldn’t get the two highlights to clone out without it looking terrible.

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