April 2, 2010

Suiting for a post work ride 4/1/2010 (a LIVEBLOG)

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[4:45PM] Almost time to leave!

[4:51PM] Checking for 94030. Wind: From W at 34km/h gusting to 51km/h. Yay. I hope there are a lot of people out so I can catch a draft, cause CaƱada is going to suck.

[4:56Pm] At least it’s not raining.

[5:00PM] Does Dan really need another ($100) rain jacket?

[5:10PM] Gathering stuff: freshly charged light batteries, garmin, food.

[5:17PM] Thomas wants to talk about jobs. Um BBLs!

[5:21PM] Suiting up: legwarmers, armwarmers, jacket.

[5:25PM] All dressed.

[5:26PM] Damnit I totally forgot my HRM sensor. Undressing.

[5:29PM] Near, far, wherever you are. WTF now I have Celine Dion stuck in my head. This does not bode well for my two hour musicless ride.

[5:32PM] Debating whether or not to bring rainjacket. Not for the rain, but for the cold.

[5:33PM] Where is my facemask :\

[5:34PM] Water and oil, separated. *shake shake* SUNBLACK on face.

[5:36PM] Need to do my timesheet… eh I’ll do it later.

[5:37PM] Time to gos.

Route on strava garmin.


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