April 7, 2010

riding the Malaysia F1 GP

Despite a sunny Saturday, and a dry Sunday morning, I opted not to go out to ride this weekend. My failure to wake up at a reasonable hour compounded by long list of things to do forced me to stay home for most of the weekend. However, this weekend Malaysia played host to the Formula 1 race, and this meant that I was going to invest at least 5 hours this weekend watching the qualifying, pre-race, and race sessions. Maybe some multitasking is in order?

The Malaysia circuit is 5.54km(3.44miles) long and over race distance drivers on the lead lap rack up over 190 miles in 56 laps. I however only racked up 111 miles this weekend-on my trainer. And while I barely rode over half the race distance, I went farther than both the king (Michael Schumacher) and the killer (Vitaly Petrov) did in the race.

Yes, I had previously claimed that sitting on the trainer is pure torture, but if you watch something engaging on the TV, the minutes/miles do tick by. Compared to going out for a real ride, the trainer will always feel like torture, but if you have plans to park yourself on the sofa for a few hours over the weekend, you might as well get a workout from it. For me, I also got a lot of stretching done before, during, and after the rides. And to reiterate, yes I spent 6 hours on the trainer this weekend.

PS: As a bonus, workouts on the trainer produce awesome cadence graphs. Proof, proof, and more proof.
PPS: Watching Man VS. Food on the trainer is motivating.


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